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A property was graciously donated to FREE International in 2011 with the intent of creating a safe place for minors who have been trafficked. The property spans five acres and already had the shell of a 13,000 sq. ft. building to begin the vision. Through many collaborative efforts, we were able to secure donations, discounted items, and even finish the interior of the shelter with the help of missionaries. Now that the interior is complete, we are raising funds and partnering with the appropriate professionals to finish the following projects: property fence, security system, purchase a vehicle, pave the driveway and parking lot, build a metal garage, landscaping, and save six months of capital. Currently, our board of directors is working towards having OASIS licensed with the state of Missouri, creating our programming, and putting our team of employees and volunteers in place.

Our Board

  • Brandon

  • Secretary, is the Restoration Director for F.R.E.E. International, Vice-Chair of the Stand Against Trafficking Coalition, on the Missouri Human Trafficking Task Force, and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC).
  • Ed

  • Interim Director, has had an extensive career working with at-risk children. He has experience overseeing and operating youth residential homes in four separate states.
  • Arlene

  • Treasurer, is Former Director for National Women’s Department of the Assemblies of God. She has been Project Representative for OASIS since 2011. Arlene has ministered to girls and women for over 40 years.
  • Jerrod

  • President, Chief Compliance Officer and Financial Operations Principal of Bankers & Investors Company, Inc., a registered Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisor headquartered in Kansas City. He is also the Chairman of Ministry Partners Securities, LLC. headquartered in Brea, CA.
  • Ken

  • Director of CBA/International Sales for Charisma Media and has been connected to the global fight against trafficking for over 20 years.
  • Michael

  • President, is the co-founder and director of F.R.E.E. International. He began serving victims of human trafficking in Southern Asia in 2004 and established F.R.E.E. International in the U.S. in 2007.
  • Sherry

  • Women's Director for Southern Missouri District of The Assemblies of God for the past 15 years.
  • Becky

  • CFO of J & H Foods, Inc. – parent company of Simple Simon’s Pizza and Cheezies Pizza for over 30 years. She has ministered in teaching, music, missions and various leadership positions for over 40 years and has helped OASIS since 2012.

The Issue


Predators are constantly using phone apps to communicate with and groom children and youth. While most apps are not inherently evil, their capabilities provide sexual predators with an ideal platform and environment to anonymously communicate with our trusting, naïve, and attention-hungry children and youth. Although the list of potentially dangerous apps constantly grows, some apps that have been utilized by predators to exploit minors are: Snapchat, Yik Yak, Vine, Twoo, Whisper, After School, Kik, MeetMe, MeetUp, Chatroulette, and Meet24.


Men, women, and children can all be victimized, exploited, and sold through brothels. They often live in the brothel, which can be operated within residential homes, apartments, and/or under the disguise of a legal business.

Often, brothels will operate together and shuffle their victims from one location to another. This tactic benefits the trafficker as it disorients the victims causing them to not know their location or surroundings. It also protects the trafficker by not allowing law enforcement or johns to become familiar with any one victim.


Between the dark web and dozens of common websites, the Internet has become the red light district of the U.S. and is the primary way traffickers facilitate the exploitation of their victims. Often trafficking is disguised within advertisements for escorts, massages, adult jobs, etc.

Massage Parlors

Asian Massage Parlors (AMP) are numerous and exist throughout the United States. They are frequently a cover for a brothel and may be located in a variety of commercial or residential settings. Often, those who are exploited through AMPs are not U.S. citizens and are usually tricked into their position through promises of legitimate work and opportunity. Their documents are confiscated and they are cut off from the outside world drastically limiting their opportunities for escape.


There is a direct connection with pornography and sex trafficking. As Americans continue to consume more pornography, the addiction rate skyrockets. Simply put, there are not enough consenting adults to work in the pornography industry (which is 100% exploitative on its own). To fill that gap and meet demand, pimps exploit men, women, and children through pornography to make extra money and desensitize them for other forms of sexual exploitation.

Street Prostitution

The prevalence of street prostitution is lower than it used to be as the majority of prostitution is facilitated online but it does still exist. Trafficking victims typically are given a quota to meet. It is often $1,000 or more and is confiscated by the pimp.

Strip Clubs

Often, the girls working in strip clubs are victims of human trafficking and forced to earn their traffickers additional funds by dancing, stripping, and other commercial sex acts. As with pornography, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between a consenting adult and a victim of human trafficking.

Truck & Rest-Stops

The use of highways and interstates is the primary method of transporting victims through the country. Rest and truck stops pose as primary targets for trafficking as the transient nature of both the traffickers and purchasers facilitates anonymity and convenience.


Springfield, Missouri, USA


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